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for all your mobile or desktop devices for viewing anytime, anywhere. re: Google Play Music will merge with All Access to form a better music streaming service I think that Google really did it's best to make a one stop shop with All Access. The idea of streaming all your favorite music from your mobile device to your TV (any TV!) and desktop PC was fantastic. Unfortunately, I find the new All Access to be a bit disappointing. Here are some of the things that I don't like: -The All Access app is kind of slow to load on my TV/PC. I have a desktop with 8GB of RAM, and I just get a sense that something is not quite right. It is slower than when I streamed through the Google Play Music app. -I can't seem to make my music go away. I would like to have my music on pause, but it just isn't an option. I also have to keep switching back to the All Access app to play music. -There are some duplicate songs and albums. I don't remember seeing this at the time, but I certainly didn't want to duplicate songs. I would have to double check, but I think that there are at least 5 albums that have more than 1 version. And, at least one album has 4+ versions of the same song. -It seems like I can't sort by album or artist. It just isn't there. I would like to have the option to sort by artist or album. -The playlists seem to be the same for all devices. I can't imagine that this was done intentionally. I'm just hoping that Google will eventually fix this. Maybe this will get better with the new All Access update, but I am hoping for a more seamless experience. Wow that seems like a lot of good points for a user to gripe about. Especially when the phone app works just fine. I actually had no problems with my playlists and everything seems just fine. But I didn't even notice the issue with the app when it was fresh. However, the Play Music app is still superior. I just downloaded the All Access app to see if it was any better and it's still a little buggy. The UI is okay, but I think the whole idea of the merge with All Access is pretty good, the only thing that



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Trikker Activation ulagior

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